Testing of IT Assets after repair

Evaluating performance
Upgrading or repairing
Data recovery
Diagnosing problems or faults: Testing can be used to identify any issues that may be causing the laptop to function poorly or not at all. This could involve running diagnostic tests, checking for hardware failures, or testing the laptop's performance under different conditions.

Evaluating Performance

Testing can be used to assess the overall performance of the laptop, including its speed, memory, and storage capacity. This can help determine whether the laptop is still suitable for its intended use or whether it may need to be replaced.

Upgrading or Repairing

Testing can be used to identify any necessary upgrades or repairs that may be needed to improve the performance or functionality of the laptop. This could include installing new hardware or software, or making repairs to damaged components.

Data Recovery

Testing can be used to assess the feasibility of recovering data from a laptop that has suffered from hardware failure or other issues. This could involve running specialized software or seeking the assistance of a data recovery expert.

Preparing for Sale or Donation

Testing can be used to ensure that a laptop is in good working order before it is sold or donated to another user. This could include running diagnostics, cleaning and repairing any issues, and ensuring that all necessary data has been transferred or erased using NIST approved Data sanitising softwares or subject HDD / SSD to Degaussing.

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